What if there was a metric of motherhood that we could use to gauge our level of “success?” We can probably all agree that we do measure ourselves, relative to one another, relative to the other’ mom’s in the mom group, the mother’s of Instagram, the SAHM’s at church, our mother’s, mother-in-laws, your mother, and those of myth and lore. But, there is not really any streamlined set of principles that we can even agree on as a society that defines what makes a good mother, is there? Motherhood is to each his own. Perhaps therein lies the issue.


Should I Stay Home or Should I Go To Work Now?

Does anyone else have to remind themselves of the things they accomplished prior to this job called motherhood? I do. Just a few months ago I lay in my childhood bedroom, desperate for understanding of my present situation. I formally typed out my “accomplishments.” Backpacked Europe, check. Went to Berkeley, check. Learned French, check. Lived in a foreign country (France), check. Moved to a new state, check. Went to graduate school, check. Got a master’s degree, check. Got married, check. Had children, check. Had a natural birth, check. Started…

Bonnie A.

Sociologist, behaviorist and entrepreneur turned opt-out mama and writing about it.

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